About Ecochem Australia

Revolutionary Product Range

Ecochem specialises in the provision of unique application of purpose designed products through patented dispensing systems.

Our key staff have over 60 years’ experience in the provision of environmentally friendly cleaning and sanitising solutions to a variety of industries.

Accredited to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001, we ensure that all quality, safety and environmental needs are addressed and exceeded.

We have products that may already suit your requirements, but our continuing R&D allows us to bring new products to market in an on-going basis and we thrive on new challenges.

Our specialised experience and knowledge in the cardboard packaging industry has allowed us to create the breakthrough ‘Cleaning in Place’ systems we offer. Designed to create a higher consistent level of cleanliness in your machinery, in most cases the automated Cleanprint systems installed by Ecochem are supplied and installed at no capital cost when entering into a chemical supply agreement.

Ecochem uses science and chemistry to design a custom made solution for your situation and we will install, with no up-front cost, the equipment required to deliver a cleaning system that is vastly superior to anything else on the market, provided you engage our appropriate supply agreement.

Cleanprint Solutions is now the international brand name for all Ecochem P/L cleaning systems. We have aligned our previous Ecochem Australian branding with our growing international business brand for consistency across our market place. This change allows us to present a consistent image of ourselves in our global market, using the same name and logo proudly around the world, including Australia.

Clean Print Solutions is used by major international companies such as Pratt/Visy, Orora, Packaging Corporation America, International Paper, Georgia Pacific, Atlantic Packaging , Green Bay Packaging and many independents, through distributors such as Clean Print Chemicals and Harper Love to name a few. Our biochemical solutions ensure the cartons and cardboard products these companies produce are delivered with increased quality and speed and at lower cost. The corrugated products produced in these plants are global ‘best quality’ and the machinery maintained by our ‘End-to-end, Cleaning in Place’ systems ensures these companies enjoy a continuing sustainable competitive advantage.