7G Power Ink Clean

Innovation technology for the box industry

Our continuous development program has made another breakthrough in converter cleaning.

Evolution BioClean has been a huge leap forward, now 7G Power Ink Clean is the next product breakthrough, offering even more effective cleaning.

7G Power Ink Clean, like Evolution BioClean cleans your aniloxes, cleans your pumps and pipes and everywhere ink goes. It’s cutting edge chemical technology with a unique and further developed blend of safe, water based solvents and specially designed enzymes to liquefy dried ink rapidly without any corrosive effect on equipment.

Used exclusively with CleanPrint’s patented automatic cleaning system, 7G’s optimised technology surpasses even Evolution BioClean’s anilox cleaning performance and reduces solids in waste water at even greater dilution rates, bringing more savings in production and maintenance costs.

Of course we are not going to describe how this works right here, that would be giving away trade secrets.

You’ll have to ask us about 7G Power Ink Clean.