Jason Thomas, Site Manager – Smithfield. VISY BOARD, NSW

I am writing this letter to tell you how amazed I was at the results we achieved as a result of the Ecochem installation into the Smithfield factory in late 2013. Our manual wash up systems were sometimes running for 10-20 mins using water alone to clean the anilox rollers and ink trays. As a result of the installation of your automated cleaning system and chemicals, we were able to dramatically reduce the washup times to your 4 minute program and achieve a better result. However, one of the biggest improvements we experienced was in the print quality itself – we consistently achieved better quality print with less roller pressure and smaller anilox gaps than previous.

This lead to less customer complaints and a better quality product in the market place. This is not something that we even contemplated during the installation phase.

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Biochemistry for the corrugated packaging industry