From Robert A Borkowski – Director Operational Excellence, Pratt Industries, USA

My role has me overseeing 46 plants with over 700 anilox roles, ink pumps, ink lines, chambers and doctor rolls. The maintenance cost and down time caused by dried ink in the system is enormous.

In my 36 years in the corrugated business I’ve never come across a System/Product that cleans the ink in the printing systems until Ecochem/Ecochem Australia was installed into one of our plants. Previously we would manually flush detergent through the lines and onto the anilox rolls however, this never prevented line blockages wasting ink and causing downtime for manual ink line cleaning. Not to Mention removal of the ink pumps for manual cleaning, removal of anilox rolls or soda blasting of anilox rolls. Since installing the Ecochem/Ecochem Australia system we have reduced the replacing of anilox rolls, ink pumps and lines due to the product’s ability to properly clean our systems. This gives more time for production of boxes. …See Original

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Biochemistry for the corrugated packaging industry