From Robert A Borkowski – Director Operational Excellence, Pratt Industries, USA

There are numerous vendors of cleaning solutions but how many are ‘partners’ in your organization. Ecochem has introduced us to a product we consider the best in the business for proper cleaning. Foam it, pump it, wipe it and hose it down. We have found that the product ‘melts’ away old ink, not only on the machine or in the pans but our anilox rolls.

The Ecochem people are willing to got the extra mile and if there is a problem, they jump right on it and get to our facility ASAP. As always there are learning curves and we had our share. Case in point, we had a faciltiy that was using too much product, Ecochem questioned that and resolved the issue, saving us money. I must mention that the problem was an internal issue to our organization. That’s what I mean by partnership. …See Original

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Biochemistry for the corrugated packaging industry